Resources and How to Stay Aware of World Affairs


Tristan Beach (2021-2022), Staff Writer

In the world that we live in now, staying up to date with global news can sometimes be overwhelming. Most of the time the news that people are consuming can also be an endless stream of tragic information. Regardless of that, it is still important for people to be up to date with world events to become more informed on certain issues.


One of the best ways to stay up to date with the latest news is to browse the most popular social media platforms. Close to all major news media companies operate their respective accounts that share their latest contributions to the newspaper, which mostly consists of current events. However, said platforms are also a hotspot for vast amounts of disinformation and misinformation that could cloud the truth surrounding the nature of any global event.

  • Instagram: As one of the most popular of all of the social media platforms, it features a plethora of visual media of every topic, though news-related stories are the most popular on this application.
  • Twitter: Described as a “microblogging and social networking service,” the application allows users to share text, image, and video posts. Like Instagram, many news media companies regularly use the platform to break recent news stories.

The alternative to social media applications is consuming information the somewhat traditional, online way. Going directly to a specific website, like the New York Times for example, will allow the full article to be available to read and comprehended. If the online newsletter properly cited their stories, the discovery of primary sources can be made, further developing knowledge of a specific topic.

  • The New York Times: Regarded as the most influential newspaper in circulation, it provides views of a vast amount of worldwide topics that may be dominating the political sphere at the time. It was ranked third in circulation in the United States.
  • The Washington Post: The most circulated newspaper within the Washington metropolitan area. Similar to the Times, the newspaper provides an excess of news stories and

Though a favored source of information can be found, it is best to continuously diversify the way knowledge is utilized by choosing to read stories on an extensive amount of online platforms. This will allow for not only the introduction to different viewpoints, but also additional details that may have been excluded or overlooked in previous articles.