Let’s Get to Work: Liu Provides Advice on Building a Better Work Ethic


Ella Ray (2021-2022), Co-Managing Editor

Although this school year is coming to an end, it is never too early to start preparing a plan for next year. By creating a study schedule, students are able to accomplish academic goals that they had not reached the previous year, approaching an arc of redemption. The key to scholarly success is a strong work ethic. Junior Elaine Liu explains how her extracurricular activities, orchestra and German, require a large portion of her time.


“Orchestra involves after-school rehearsals, trips, meetings, crew shifts, performances, and auditions, along with daily practice,” said Liu. “Additionally, the German program includes competitions, such as Houstonfest and the Texas State German Contest. Cultural events, such as Deutscher Samstag and Folk Dance, also take place on an annual basis.”


Although Liu expresses that academics are important, she also believes that any extracurricular that an individual is passionate about deserves to be appreciated as well. Liu finds her extracurriculars necessary for motivation, even if they do limit her study time.


“Finding motivation to complete tasks is a daily obstacle for me, especially when it is a relentless time of the school year or a particularly difficult unit,” said Liu. “However, I remind myself that only practice can create the confidence needed to accomplish the task, so I simply urge myself to just ‘do’.”


To overcome a stressful situation, Liu ensures that she incorporates study breaks into her busy schedule as they allow her mind to reset itself, participating in breathing and stretching exercises help alleviate physical as well as mental effects of stress in order to maintain a productive mindset.


“If you feel stress in your body, likely your mind is also stressed,” said Liu.


Not allowing the day to slip away from her, Liu keeps a to-do list of all her assignments. To avoid tasks from clumping together, Liu also stars the tasks that she deems most important to encourage herself to finish those ones before any others. Finally, one of Liu’s main strategies of creating a beneficial work ethic is to do a little bit for each class every day, preventing the assignments from piling up.


“Although I know that I will not finish all the assignments on the list on any given day, just having a physical imprint of the tasks helps keep me organized,” said Liu.