Capture Prom in Unique Places


Brianna Plake (2021-2022), Social Media Manager

There are many options for where to take pictures before prom and what to do after. Here are a few places to take pictures.


Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park- 15 min. away from Prom

The waterfall park is a common attraction for weddings and photoshoots with a wall that contains crashing water; it provides a great backdrop for any picture.

Houston Botanic Garden- 30 min. away from prom

The Houston Botanic Garden gives a desert feel without having to go too far. With cacti and other environmental components it is a unique place to take pictures for prom.

Rice University- 22 min. away from Prom

Although a little more common, Rice University has a clean, professional atmosphere to take pictures with many different locations around the campus.

Mecom Rockwell Colonnade- 23 min. away from prom

The Mecom Rockwell Colonnade is a unique place where there is an early Greek atmosphere with the columns and architectural structure, providing the perfect clean backdrop for pictures.

Southampton Live Oaks- 20 min. away from Prom

The Live Oaks is a popular neighborhood with many trees and surrounding trails that can give an earthy feel to Prom pictures.

Cross Creek Trails- 12 min. away from Tompkins

The Cross Creek Trails, although common, is a great place to take both modern and rustic pictures. It provides many spots throughout the neighborhood, leaving plenty of room for multiple groups.

Cane Island- 16 min. away from Tompkins

Cane Island has a treehouse look with a playful and more childlike quality to add to Prom.

Katy Heritage Park- 14 min. away from Tompkins

Katy Heritage Park has been around for many years providing a small town rustic feel with the whites and blues provided on the buildings.