HOSA Prepares Future Health Professionals


Mahee Bhatt (2021-2022), Editor-in-Chief

HOSA-Future Health Professionals is a student-led organization which allows students to discover occupations in health care. Through HOSA, students have been given the opportunity to learn more about healthcare careers in order to help them choose which field they prefer. At Tompkins, the HOSA students have recently been invited to sign up for externship opportunities from prominent hospitals in Houston. 

“The internships that I have sent out thus far are not offered directly through HOSA. Several health facilities have reached out to me and offered them to our students. Students have also been invited to apply for externships through MD Anderson and Houston Methodist,” said HOSA sponsor Amanda King.

King has sent out the application for the externships to the students in HOSA, encouraging them to apply for it. Both of these externships will take place throughout summer and will allow students to learn more about these occupations and hospital environments. Many students have already submitted their applications and are hoping that they get the spot. The internships have rigorous guidelines which require interns to be present every day for the full work day for the entirety of summer. Regardless, the hard work is worth it as it reaps many benefits.

  “Participating in externships is an excellent way for students to get a behind-the-scenes look at health care careers to see if they really are interested in the field. Getting some early exposure and experience also looks great on college and job applications,” said King. 

Being involved in health care environments at a young age gives students the opportunity to explore their interests. This allows students to set goals early on. They are able to decide which field they wish to pursue before college which can aid them in focusing and taking courses to work towards their goals. The organization of HOSA aims to help students explore the world of health care. 

“At our last HOSA meeting in February, we had a guest speaker from The Network of Behavioral Health Providers, Inc. (NBHP), which is a collaborative of the leadership of 40+ mental health and substance use treatment providers in greater Houston come and speak to us. Her presentation covered several different behavioral health career opportunities. She informed students of what these health professionals do, the educational path required, as well as the expected salaries,” said King. 

The guest speaker helped students learn more about what they can expect from pursuing careers in health care. The purpose of this presentation was to help students open their minds to the countless careers in the health care department. At HOSA meetings, students conduct various activities to broaden their knowledge such as looking at case studies of different illnesses and applying it to real medical conditions. Overall, participating in this club opens students up to numerous opportunities. 

“HOSA is a great opportunity to cultivate relationships between students who have a common interest while exploring the world of health care,” said King.