Seniors get ready to celebrate at Project Grad

Shriya Rajagopalan, Staff Writer

As the end of the school year approaches, the Project Grad plans for a celebration for senior’s graduation. However, there are more events planned throughout the school year. Project Grad is meant for seniors so they enjoy their last on May 25 at Main Event. Some other events leading up to it include Wingman, Powderpuff, Prom, and Senior Sunset. These events help to fundraise and are planned by the Project Grad.

The Wingman events are a chance for senior guys to play volleyball semi-competitively. There are multiple tournaments held throughout the Spring semester.  On March 8, seniors participating in Wingman will go to Seven Lakes High School to play against them. On March 9, Katy High School will come to Tompkins to play their final game of Wingman.

Powderpuff allows for girls to play flag football, or touch football, semi-competitively. The game will be held at the OTHS Football Field from 6-8pm on May 11. This game consists of juniors and seniors playing head-to-head. The game is designed to challenge girls’ skill, speed, and ability. The point of the game is to capture as many of the other members’ flags as possible.

Prom is a major aspect of the senior year. It is a night to acknowledge seniors graduating and celebrate. The night will consist of dancing, music, and endless fun. The senior prom will take place at The Westin Memorial City on April 23.

The Senior Sunset is meant to symbolize the ending of high school in a way that shows beauty. Senior Sunset is similar to the Senior Sunrise at the beginning of the year where seniors watch the sunset together at the Tompkins Track Field.