Girls Soccer prepares for Upcoming Season


Sydney Jackson, Staff Writer

As the soccer season kicks off, the three time district winners varsity girls soccer team prepares for their upcoming games, hoping for a fourth district win.The team starts off their practice early in the morning with basic warm ups with their coach Jarrett Shipman.

“We practice early in the morning at 6 a.m, we start with our warm up and go through what I call goal touches and make sure our mind is focused and ready to go, ” said Shipman.

Preparing the mind is extremely important for this team, as it is a recurring message from Shipman and team player, senior Makinlee Poole. Poole says one way she prepares before a game is to listen to music to get her mind focused for the game.

“I usually listen to music to help my mind be prepared for the game, ” said Poole.

As for most teams here, Seven Lakes HS is their biggest competition. To prepare them for any upcoming competition against them, they discuss each opponent team’s game plans. If the team they are competing against next has video footage of their games, they will also watch it.

“We talk about specifically what each team is going to do, what formation they run, and then sometimes we watch film if we have film on them, ” said Shipman.

At the moment, the team is number one in the district. If the team continues on this streak of success, the team will complete a full season which is through now to mid April and as well get their fourth district win.