Edwards Voices her Ideas among the SLC

Vaishnavi Bhat (2021-2022), Print Editor-in-Chief

The Superintendent’s Student Leadership Circle is an establishment through which high school students are able to interact with Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Gregorski and his team, and provide feedback and suggestions based on their school experiences. Senior Emily Edwards has been a member of the SLC for the past two years, and has found it to be a great opportunity to voice her opinions and ideas to district leaders.

“It is an opportunity for students throughout the district to represent their high schools in discussion with district leaders over topics that impact students on a day to day basis, ” said Edwards. “In collaboration with other students throughout the district, positive feedback and suggestions for improvement in different areas are provided to district leaders so they can best make policy and programs to accommodate student’s needs.”

Edwards and five other student representatives from Tompkins, Senior Vaishnavi Bhat, Junior Emily Safe, Junior Drew Markle, Freshman Rithanya Senthilkumar, and Sophomore Aishah Shahid, attend SLC meetings at the Merrell Center, Legacy Stadium, the Professional Developmental Annex Building, etc. They meet with administrators and students from other schools 5-6 times per year to discuss numerous topics regarding the changes that can be made to further improve the educational and mental well-being of students in Katy ISD.

“We have looked at a variety of topics, including school support for students in areas of mental health, academic support, and student organizations as well as the cornerstones of curriculum and application of real world characteristics to the classroom,” said Edwards.

Each meeting, students are assigned to a table based on their grade level and are encouraged to interact with other high schoolers from across the district. Each table is also mentored by a Katy ISD executive who guides discussions and encourages  collaboration and expression of ideas. Edwards finds this to be her favorite part of the meetings, because she is able to meet new people and share her ideas with district leaders and individuals from all around the Katy area.

“I enjoy listening to the experiences of other students throughout the district and understanding the differences between the school environments. This allows discussion on the best methods to support students across the district, rather than just at one particular school” said Edwards.

When discussing mental health and academic support tactics, district leaders from the Department of School Leadership and Support facilitated conversations. When discussing curriculum improvements, the Chief Academic Officer and several individuals from the curriculum department shared their input. Dr. Gregorski and assistant superintendents are present for all meetings, and Dr. Gregorski closes off every meeting by hosting a Q&A session to answer any student concerns directly.