Pampa Grill: Taste Authentic Argentine Quisine

Matias Simionato , Staff Writer

The smell of rising dough fills the air as the heat of the ovens emanates through the building with their heat. The customers are chatting amongst themselves, not looking at their phones. The brick and mortar walls give off a sense of calm and comfort as the assortment of argentine memorabilia hang on the walls, allowing those without anything to do to learn about the history of a different country.

Pampa Grill is an Argentine restaurant on Westheimer Parkway and has brought the style of cooking from the South American country to the states. The restaurant focuses more on the broad aspects and original ways of making Argentine cuisine.

The prices are quite reasonable, and some may say cheap. The empanadas, baked or fried pastries filled with different fillings, are $3 each, no matter the stuffing. The millanessas, breaded steak, chicken, or pork, will never cost one more than $20. The most expensive single type of item in the menu is the Argentine grilled meats, which cost around $30, depending on the type. The food is quite delicious itself and has people flocking there to eat their meals. For those who want to share with a party, Pampa Grill also allows one to buy parrilladas, a mixed grill of charcoal-broiled meats, from $60 to $80, with enough meat to feed at least a family.

While it was briefly mentioned before, Pampa Grill is also a very calming place. The Argentinian memorabilia that is hung on every wall of the establishment is different and unique in their own ways. A Gaucho, Argentine cowboy, cloak hangs on a coat hanger on a wall, while on the other side, pictures of Lionel Messi are hung, in his Argentina jersey. The bar area has some TV’s that play subtitled television and the music that the owners put over it is soothing, with popular songs being played faintly in the background, as the main attraction of the restaurant is to eat with others and talk amongst each other, like they do in Argentina.

All in all the entire restaurant has its own charm, not to be enjoyed alone, but to enjoy it with a group, not to be consumed by cell phones, but to enjoy the moment and talk with those around oneself. Pampa Grill takes the Argentine principles of family and food and tries to show it to anyone who wants to hear about it or even participate in it. So why not go to Pampa Grill with a group of friends or family and have a relaxing time where the reality of life cannot bog one down.