Cheer Shoots for the Stars


Shriya Rajagopalan, Staff Writer

Varsity cheer ramped up their energy for the UIL competition on Jan. 15. The team noticed how the intensity of their practices shines on stage through the radiant lights as the team achieves 3rd place in state. The great victory guides the team to strive to be better in the future in terms of goals.


The Varsity cheer coach, Ashlyn Wagner, encourages the team to put in all their effort for the UIl competition. The girls, while having an immense amount of pressure to accomplish their goal, put in a lot of effort to make it far in the competition. As a team, they motivate each other to help the team as a whole succeed.


“During football season we are limited to the number of practices we can dedicate to UIL due to the other things we have to prepare for during that time. As we get closer to UIL, we increase the number of practices and they definitely become more intense because we are focused on building endurance for the routine and making sure the routine is sharp,” said Wagner.


The cheer team had to learn how to balance the time they were given to prepare for the UIL competition.This accomplishment has served to prove how much they can attain. She has seen the amount of effort the girls put into succeeding in their endeavors.


“At UIL, our team came in 3rd place out of 60+ 6A-D1 teams from across the state.  I could not be more proud of the hard work that the cheerleaders have put in over the past few months and am so glad they have gotten recognition for their dedication,” said Wagner.


After putting in a lot of hard work, the cheerleaders came in third in state out of more than 60 teams. While they did have a positive outcome, the cheerleaders went through several harsh long practices to be able to achieve the best.


“The hardest part leading up to UIL is keeping the motivation up at practices because we have been practicing the same routine since August so it can feel repetitive at times,” said Wagner.


Overall, the team pulled off an amazing achievement after working extremely hard during the year. They were able to walk out of competition knowing that they persevered through the year and it helped them have an amazing accomplishment.