The true value of BHM


Kendall Berry, Staff Writer

February, the shortest month of the year, but the most valuable and one of the only months with a meaning behind it for an entire month. Since 1970, February has been devoted to learning and understanding African Americans’ contribution / achievements to society, including inventions and legacies, and adversity faced, such as racism and discrimiation.  Dating back to Slavery and the Civil Rights Movement in the 60’s, African Americans have not had a fair shake and have almost always had it rough in comparison to other races and ethnicities.

In the past, and even presently, African Americans have rarely been treated with equality or respect. African Americans had to fight, march, and die for simple rights that should be given to each and every person. For example the Three-fifths Compromise, and the Fourteenth and Fifteen Amendment. This celebration of a month has been recognized in only a few countries; the United States, Canada and some parts of Western Europe. Although the month itself is celebrated throughout the entire month of February, the true inquiry of this is the fact that it is only celebrated one month (28 days; 29 days every 4 years) out of 12.

“I think it should be taught throughout the year because I don’t feel like a lot of people know about our history and what we went through. In my eyes, I see that the world doesn’t even treat it as something special, only we do,” said sophomore Ja’Arionna Hilliard.

Black History Month is more than a month where people acknowledge the achievements and history of Blacks in America; it is 28 days of understanding the true essential and facts, known and unknown, that are not common knowledge, and instead is hidden in education and the media.  Many will say that African Americans are treated fairly and came up to where they are now. But unless one is African American, it can be difficult  for one to understand the hardships that were very vile for African Americans.  Even to this day African Americans, are still receiving hate and injustice because of the color of their skin, and that it is not a different certain color.

“I don’t see it to celebrate black people, but just to be more aware about what happened back in the day, segregation and how it took so long for us to be integrated to where we are at now,” said sophomore Destiny Tom-James.

Other things such as racism, bigotry, discrimination and even biases are just a list of things, blacks go through on a daily basis. Music, sports, and celebrity life are big influences in not only America, but in the entire world, and a good percentage of African Americans are in that sector. Unfortunately, there is still hate and hypocrisy throughout the world for these human beings.

“The stories and history are not just black history. It’s our history and should be part of our cultural education,” said senior Carmelo Yakubu.

A big question mark that is roaming around, is the fact that BHM(Black History Month), is celebrated only once throughout the year in the shortest month out of 12 months. The  dedication of an entire month should not be the only time people recognize the achievements and contributions made by African Americans, because the contributions are just as important as any other race. At the end of the day, if people want to educate themselves about the history of black people, they will do what is necessary to learn.

“I think it should be longer and don’t agree with the fact that it’s only taught on one day. If it was taught throughout the year the world would definitely be a different place,” said junior Ralph Abili.

Many African Americans do believe that the world should know more about black history and the study of the true past that is covered up in today’s society which could increase awareness and understanding amongst those who do not understand and/or do not care. It is important for people to understand everyone’s history, regardless of the race, ethnicity, and nationality.

“The stories and history are not just black history. It’s our history and should be part of our cultural education,” said Yakubu.

The word Black History Month is just an impression nowadays, their is no black history taught throughout the entire year other than once, the beginning of the new year. Influences, art, and lifestyle are just a list of huge contributions that a lot of African Americans created first and don’t get any credit for, but the change for all equality and making the world a safer place, should start now with treating Black History Month, as just History.