Beta Club Goes to Nationals

Sydney Jackson, Staff Writer

The Beta Club, a group of students with academic excellence and leadership skills, will be competing in the nationwide Beta Club competition this year.

A Beta Club is a club of students with high academic achievement and talents. Community service is a big aspect of this club. They raise money for organizations and offer valuable services to people in need. The club’s mission is to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, services, and leadership among fellow students. KAP Geometry teacher, Greg Renoud, Beta Club sponsor, says the team promotes these four ideals by keeping a good school life and as well competing in different competitions of varying aspects.

“We have 65 competitions that students can enter from all different aspects of school, whether it be academics, to arts, performing arts, robotics. So, we do that by giving everybody an option [ to compete in ] something they excel at in school,” said Renoud.

Most of the time the Beta Club does solo activities, and it is not very often when they meet together. When they do meet, they discuss community service and competitions. They might also meet up depending on the competition they enter. Some competitions perform with multiple people.

“We don’t meet up often, and when we do it is for 30 minutes. The conversation is usually centered around community service and state/national competitions. Or sometimes a group will enter a competition,” said Renoud.

The group has had a good impact on its members. Senior Rishi Mehta, co-president, has been a member of the club for three years now. He says the club has impacted him positively. He has branched out his friend group from not just Katy, but in other districts and cities as well.

“It [ the club ] has helped me make friends outside of Katy,” said Mehta.

Out of the 35 events they participated in, 14 of the events have made it to nationals. Some of those 14 competitions that made it were the subject tests; math, science, social studies, etc., the robotic team, arts, and many more. The team will be competing in nationals between June 30 through July 4 this year in Nashville, Tenn.