FBLA Spreads Awareness on the American Enterprise System


Sophomores Eesha Agrahar and Roschelle D’souza have been spreading awareness on the American Enterprise System. They began by working with OTHS FBLA to create and put up informational posters about the American Enterprise System around school and then interviewed business owners in order to understand how to set up their own small business.

“We live in a country that is built on the entrepreneurial spirit; The spirit of hope and ambition to become someone great. Our goal is to educate students to keep this spirit alive in our generation,” said Agrahar.


On Jan. 18, after their monthly FBLA meeting, Agrahar and D’souza, along with several of their FBLA chapter members, worked together to create 10 large educational posters about the American Enterprise System and then hung these posters along school walls. The posters detailed the five pillars of the American Enterprise System: Private enterprise, competition, private property, profit motive, and consumer sovereignty.


These individuals have interviewed several business owners and entrepreneurs, such as Jenny Valdecanas, Dilpreet Kaur Sohi, and Jonathan Valdecanas. Jenny Valdecanas is the owner and founder of a local Kumon Center, Dilpreet Kaur Sohi started her own cosmetology business at the age of 19, and Jonathan Valdecanas is a Sales Development Representative at Vacasa. They compiled the information from these interviews into one video to present to their FBLA chapter to teach them about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur.

“We wanted to make sure that our entire FBLA chapter would be involved in our efforts. By having more people in on our goal, we hoped to have a greater impact on our community,” said Agrahar and D’souza.

To watch these interviews, please visit their YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8CuRLY6nfVMupjw3aWyEEQ.

What is the American Enterprise system?

It mainly consists of the five pillars previously stated. Private enterprise is the freedom to choose one’s own business or job. Competition is the notion that businesses are able to rival each other for success. Private property is the right to collect any value associated with the property. Profit motive allows for an individual to be free to risk their money and efforts by starting their own business and seek better employment opportunities if they choose to do so. Consumer sovereignty is the power of the consumers (customers) to determine whether a business succeeds or fails.

Agrahar and D’souza plan to use what they have learned from online research and the interviews they have conducted to start their own small business. All revenue from this business will be donated to help grow other small businesses in the Houston cosmopolitan area. Additionally, the knowledge they have gained from their business experience will be used to teach middle schoolers about entrepreneurship.

“I would say that along with educating our school, it’s important to educate ourselves. One way we did this was by hosting interviews,” said D’souza.