Boys Swimming Wins Districts


Mahee Bhatt (2021-2022), Co Editor-in-Chief

As the clock ticks, the boys swim team enters the natatorium to practice in preparation for districts. Members of the team dive in and immediately begin swimming their laps, in attempts to lower their time and improve their technique. Their determination and hard work can be felt in the atmosphere as they continue practice. 

“We prepared for district as we rested and pumped each other up each day of the meet,” said senior Varsity member Jace Walker. 

The swimming district meet was held from Jan. 20 to 23. The swim team has been competing in meets this year since September and scoring well in districts has been a main focus of theirs. Their performance through these three days is what allowed them to collect points and surpass the other schools. The boys were able to score a total of 140 points, allowing them to take the first place spot. The team broke the record on the 400 Freestyle relay which led them to this victory. This was the first time in school history that the team was able to take the win in the District Championship. 

“I am most proud of all the hard work my teammates and I put into this year,” said Walker. 

They were able to achieve this victory through their hard work and perseverance throughout the season. Keeping a positive and supportive environment and in practices led them to perform well. Productive and frequent practices and training allowed the boys to improve their skills. This victory was a group effort and each member’s performance was able to shine through this victory. 

 “Something that helped us win was the determination that we had to make history,” said Walker. 

As this was a goal of theirs, the team was able to set their minds to this and were determined to take this win. This record breaking performance from the boys displayed their high level of diligence and skills. After excelling in the district meet, the boys went onto the Regional meet where senior Matthew Aigner won Region Champion. The team was able to make 5 new school records at this meet and are bringing 4 relays and 5 individual events to State. Tompkins has assembled their largest State team in history and they will be headed to Austin to compete at this meet from Feb. 18-19. With the way that the team has been performing, this meet will definitely be one to remember.