Just in the Kick of Time: Super Bowl Party Ideas and Suggestions


Ella Ray (2021-2022), Co-Managing Editor

With the Super Bowl coming around the corner on Feb. 13, fans rage about the parties that come with it. Although party planning may sound terrifying at first, excessive amounts of stress can be easily avoided by going with more relaxed gatherings. Simple parties are classy but composed, making them perfect for this annual event. Take a look at these suggestions to take the party to the next level.



With a traditional, American sport like football, barbeques are the perfect fit for showing that proud patriotism. Plus, having the party outside makes the atmosphere more authentic, lawn chairs and the grill raising excitement with that refreshing breath of cool air. Guests will have the opportunity to connect with nature as well as the digital world with this relaxing setting.


Themed Snacks, Dishes, and Decor

The Super Bowl’s main star, the football, must make an appearance at least once throughout the party. Having football-themed plates, dessert, and banners will definitely win some points among guests by getting their spirits up. This step is crucial yet easy to accomplish, themed decor being sold at an abundant amount of grocery and supply stores.



Along with themed food and decorations, no party is complete without themed attire.With most people who watch the Superbowl being crazy sports fans, many guests will already have a wardrobe full of wearable merchandise. Getting guests to wear t-shirts of their favorite team is a great way to start conversations and engage with one another. This way, the party as well as its color scheme will be less drab and more unique.


DIY Merchandise

Commercial breaks can be such a bore. Luckily, making homemade merchandise can keep the crowd entertained with both older and younger guests. With glittery foam fingers and bold face paint, guests can stay amped up without losing any momentum throughout the event. Although store-bought merchandise is timeless, guests will now have a souvenir from a party they will never forget.


Friendly Bets

Another essential tradition of the Super Bowl is making bets. Stirring up some friendly competition can prevent any snoring or boredom, raising slight tensions within the room. This step will definitely keep everyone awake, their eyes glued to the screen as they watch to see which team will win them the big ticket.