Omicron and Its Many Misfortunes

Matias Simionato , Staff Writer

A new strand of COVID has been revealed, it originated in South Africa after a group of scientists found out about it in patients they examined. It then transmitted all over the world, however it seems that people keep on forgetting the lessons that were taught last year.

“I came into contact with an infected individual on Dec. 18, I started to have symptoms on Dec. 20 and was confirmed positive on Dec. 22,” said Senior Lauren Lanthier.

The vaccine did allow more people to survive the virus, with deaths never going over 50 per day. This greater advantage allows the body to adjust better to the virus and kill it before it becomes a big problem. Thanks to the vaccine people are surviving more and getting out of quarantine quicker.

“I had taken the vaccine earlier, so I had it running in my system when I had COVID. It made me have bad symptoms, until three days later and I was fine,” said Lanthier.

While sanitization and masks are well known ways to slow the spread of COVID, many students are not doing those things, allowing them to contract the virus more easily. The surge of COVID cases over the break forced many people to go into quarantine, causing disruptions in classes, work and lives of many people.

“After 10 days of quarantine after testing positive, I tested negative. I was able to get out of quarantine on Jan. 2,” said Lanthier.

All in all, the people in Katy and the US have done a lot worse in 2021 through 2022, when compared to last year. With 229,325 new cases appearing in Jan. 13, 2021 across the country, which was the highest number of new cases from May 2020 to Jan. 1 2022, to now having 869,415 new cases appearing in Jan. 13, 2022, which was not even the highest, that being 1,433,977 new cases appearing on Jan. 10, 2022. In Katy the highest cases that ever happened on a single day was 14,129 which happened on Sep. 21, 2020, until Dec. 27, 2021, when the cases reached 19,209, which rose up to 75,982 on Jan. 14, 2022.