Students and Staff Look Forward to Spring Semester


Ella Ray (2021-2022), Co-Managing Editor

Students display wide smiles filled with determination and hope as they take big steps toward the campus, entering their spring semester. With the new year just beginning, students have a chance to reset their goals in order to gain more traction to succeed academically. Freshman Ananya Narayankumar has resolutions of her own to put in more effort this year and prevent frequent procrastination.

“This semester, I am looking forward to working harder and maintaining my grades,” said Naranyankumar.

Similar to Narayankumar, junior Laura Le flames her ambition by pushing herself to preserve her grades. Le also looks forward to finally completing her junior year, getting ready to relieve the accumulated stress. However, since Le has some time to spare before the year is over, she turns her gears toward preventing any further stress while still excelling in her school life.

“My goal is to maintain a productive routine, so I have time to study more or sleep,” said Le.

While most students prefer to focus on maintaining their current grades, junior Nihara Nambiar has a different game plan. Nambiar sees right through her limits, trying to push herself past them as much as possible. Nambiar intends to take her grades to the next level, implementing a more organized schedule in order to keep herself motivated.

“By working hard, I hope to get an A or B average in my classes,” said Nambiar.

Much like most students, teachers also have a new set of expectations and goals that they look forward to completing this semester. Although AP Biology teacher Eva Baccari loves every topic she covers in her course due to the high degree of relevance to the real-world, she expresses that she is particularly looking forward to the cancer gene detection lab that will be completed in the biotechnology unit. The lab has many benefits that will peak students’ interest in a very advanced, medical field.

“This is where we will discover the molecular biology that gives rise to cancers, explore how oncologists employ molecular diagnostics, construct family pedigrees,  perform gel electrophoresis technique to separate different sized DNA molecules to analyze ‘patient’s’ blood, tumor, and tissue samples to identify mutations in their p53 -cancer causing gene,” said Baccari.

Apart from intriguing labs and activities, Baccari’s goal for this semester is to finish strong, allowing her students to be beyond prepared for the AP exam. Baccari explains that success entails hard work, consistency, and dedication. However, Baccari is determined to get her students to face the challenge, making them really understand and connect with the material.

“This is when we solidify our skills to describe and use, rather than define; we analyze, justify, and evaluate rather than memorize and recall,” said Baccari.

Despite the hard work that she has planned for the semester, Baccari reveals that she wants her students to really enjoy learning about biology as much as she enjoys teaching them. At the end of the day, Baccari wants her students to experience the same feeling of passion that she feels every day.

“I hope they feel inspired to go on and accomplish wonderful things that make this world a better place,” said Baccari. “I hope the time they spend in my class is meaningful for all of us.”