Soccer Boys Aims for Playoff Advancement


Tristan Beach (2021-2022), Staff Writer

Recently, on Jan. 8, the boys succeeded in defeating Victoria East at Legacy Stadium. Now, they’re getting ready for Cinco Ranch on the 26th. So far, the team has won four out of the four total games they have played in, scoring an average of around two, almost three goals a game. The team is hoping for a similar, if not better outcome for the rest of their upcoming season. The boys still have 18 more games to play, however.

“We have been looking forward to getting better as a team, bonding together, and looking forward to getting even farther in the playoffs,” said senior Ian Aumaugher.

They are not becoming complicit, however. They know they are not able to take their winning streak for granted. At any moment, the streak can easily be taken away from them as fast as it was given to them, possibly even faster. That is why they do not waste a single day of drills and training.

“We have been doing a lot of ‘patterns of play’ drills, and we like to warm up with passing sequences,” said Aumaugher.

The team continuously uses phrases and other ways to encourage and increase moral and positivity regarding their past performances and their potential performances in future games.

“We have this little saying we always say. It’s called ‘positive mojo,’ and it means a lot to us, because of a team-wide inside joke,” said Aumaugher.

The day-to-day training is nothing short of tough. The goal of each drill is to increase not only the stamina of each player, but also the total strength of both their physical bodies and their minds. Mental and physical toughness allows the boys to not only train for greatness, but utilize their strength during an actual tournament.

“We have been working on a lot of final third work, because that seems to be where we are lacking, as of now. But it kind of varies from time to time,” said Aumaugher.