Bounce Off the Court


Shriya Rajagopalan, Staff Writer

Working hard everyday to achieve their collective goal, the boys basketball team strives to win every game they come up against. As basketball season continues to progress further, the team works together to keep  their head up for the upcoming games.

Head coach of the basketball team, Bobby Sanders, loves coaching the team because he loves seeing the players grow throughout the year and improve their skills. He enjoys seeing the passion they have for playing basketball.

“We have a couple new players that have returned to our school after a year away, seniors Jason Clark and Carmelo Yakabu. They have both really helped us so far,” said Sanders.

One of the major changes that happened to the basketball team this season is the addition of two players after being away for a year who have helped add an advantage to the team in games. The basketball team has had several important games already. The season has been keeping up Sander’s high hopes for what the team can accomplish.

“If you get the right guys on the team, they are usually internally motivated to win,” Sanders said.

The basketball team has their own drive to win games and be the best they can be without being pushed too hard. Sanders is able to see the passion each player has in themselves and help them be a better player.

“I really enjoy that the guys all play with an attitude of humility and unselfishness,” Sanders said.

So far this season, the team has won 16 games and lost 1 game. Sanders has a positive mindset for what this team can accomplish this season based on their achievements so far. He loves being able to watch the team succeed and win because they are so self driven by the motivation to prevail. The next game will be against Katy High School at 7 pm.