Course selections approach in the near future


Shriya Rajagopalan, Staff Writer

As the beginning of the second semester starts, students begin to realize it is time to choose their courses for the following year. Choosing the courses for the next year can be a big hassle due to the stress students take upon themselves to decide which path they want to go down for the next year. Students soon will be able to choose what their different types of electives and classes for the 2022-23 school year.

Opening at the end of January, students will be able to select their courses for next year. Students will only be able to choose their courses online and have only one week before all decisions made will be final.

“Course selection is the time of year when students get to reflect on the courses they have taken and curriculum they have experienced. This should be a time to really think about what they enjoyed and what they did not. With that knowledge students can update the path they would like to pursue as they move towards their life after high school,” said school counselor Krista Luna.

For those students who are unsure of what courses they want to take, students will have an opportunity to change their mind and make adjustments to their courses in the middle of this semester. If students still have questions concerning course selection, they are encouraged to ask their counselors for guidance.

“On Friday, Jan. 28, Schoolinks will open up for students to request their courses for next year. This is a new and better program than we have had in the past. Of course it will take a little time and patience to adjust to a new program, but it is way better than past programs we have had access to. Students have until Feb. 6 to complete their course selections,” said Luna.

Students will have a week to decide what course they want to take for their upcoming year. Figuring out which courses can be a little overwhelming at first, knowing the description of what each class provides will be immensely beneficial. The Tompkins course catalog provides a long list of courses for each student to decide from. This includes electives, AP classes, and more.

“Students should absolutely not stress about course selections. They should look at the classes that are offered at our school. If they do not know what something is, then look it up in the district course catalog. Pick classes they think they will find interesting while trying to complete graduation requirements,” said Luna.

Students are also eligible to take courses over the summer to help them complete more credits. Taking summer courses are preferred for students who want to take more higher level courses. For students who don’t want to take a course during the school year, they can sign up to take it over the summer. Students are also able to talk to their counselors if they are interested in taking courses over the summer.

The course selection process can stress some students out, but once each student is able to figure out what exactly each course provides, deciding the courses becomes easier. Students should make sure they fill out the course selection online for the next school year and talk to their grade level counselors if any questions come up.