Girls Basketball Has Many Wins


Sydney Jackson, Staff Writer

The varsity girls basketball team season is approaching its end with a bang. From the beginning of the season till now, they are still doing extremely well with many wins.

At the moment, the team is doing extremely well. They have won 27 out of 29 of their games, with four more games left in the season, nine of them home and neutral and eight of them away. They are also number two in the district. Their greatest competition for the number one spot is the Seven Lakes girls basketball team.

According to both coach Tamatha Ray and defense player, junior Fiyinfoluwa Adeleye, their biggest competition is still Seven Lakes. At the moment Seven Lakes are in the number one spot in the district  and are undefeated as well.

“I still think they [Seven Lakes] are, we’re both undefeated, ” said Ray.

As far as the team’s potential goes, Ray said to keep continuing what they are doing as they were in the beginning of the year. Last time Ray said she had no specific area for the team to improve on. Instead, each week the team would work on something different that needed to be improved.

“I think the only thing we need to do is  keep doing what we’re doing,” said Ray.

It is important to note that the team has also developed their skills as well. Adeleye says that the team has improved a lot since the beginning of the season. The team has progressed in their teamwork and trust in each other, inside and outside of practice.

“We trust each other more and more close on and off the court,” says Adeleye.

The team has worked extremely hard these past four months, and in the end it has paid off, they have achieved a tremendous amount of success.