Fine Arts Suess up the School


Brianna Plake (2021-2022)

The Orchestra plays their opening note and Jojo, played by junior Josefina Arnett, opens the show causing the Cat in the Hat, played by senior Will Lunt, to come on stage. The lights are beaming and the ensemble slowly begins to build the world that the audience will dive into. After five months of preparation, the Fine Arts department plans to put it all on stage in hopes to get nominated for as many awards as possible at the Tommy Tunes Awards, an award ceremony that high schools enroll there musical into compete.

“On audition day,  you show up to the PAC and fill out a form and you are given a script and number to cold read from, which you will then perform in front of the directors,” said junior and Assistant Stage Manager Luciana Garza.

This year, the auditions took place in August. The theatre department auditioned all of their shows at once, in order to have the maximum amount of time to work on each show. The auditions lasted two days. The first day consisted of learning a quick combo from the choreographer, and shortly after, students were sent to the choir room with Ruben Perez and Shaena Sears to audition for the singing portion of the process. The next day, a call back list was posted and if on that list, students stayed for the second day. That day students danced for a second time and did an improv scene to show the theatre directors how they could work with other actors. Soon after the audition process was complete and the cast list was posted, the cast and crew got to work on preparing for the show.

“Rehearsals typically consist of bonding and getting ready for the show little by little to make the show great,” said Lunt.

Starting in September, the cast began with music rehearsals. In these rehearsals they were given sheet music and each day worked together to get the harmonies and the solos assigned, so that students could begin practicing at home. After finishing learning all of the music they moved onto dance and acting rehearsals where they were able to play ensemble games to build the bond between cast members. Through these games and rehearsal, the cast and crew were able to get to know each other better and it began to show on stage. The relationships between the actors become noticeably different on stage, helping the show come together. The bonding that took place in rehearsal began to make it feel less like work and more like play.

“My favorite part about being in the show is the dancing and singing, and all the laughter that comes with building the show,” said Lunt.

The bond that has been created throughout the rehearsal process will come across as the audience begins to flood in come opening night. There will be a transformation on stage that causes the audience to dive into a world of jungle animals, whos, Huntches and more. The show is a combination of many Dr.Seuss books put into one. It can bring audience members back to their childhood and have fun in this imaginative world.

“If I had to describe the show in one word it would be imaginative, because it’s a world that has been brought to life from a book,” said junior and Mayzie Carly Freeman.

The show will open on Thursday, Jan. 20 at seven pm, and performance following through Jan. 22. The next weekend there will be three performances between Jan. 28 and 29. Tickets are $15 for students and $20 for adults, they can be bought at