The All Star Committee helps unify Tompkins Culture

Brianna Plake (2021-2022), Social Media Manager

The All Star Committee shows up early on the morning of Jan. 29 to prepare for the aerial of students in the community to come enjoy a time of fun and bonding with others students. The planning has occurred for a few months and they are excited for the event to take place.

“The All Star Event in itself is a huge field day for high schoolers mixed with so many aspects of Tompkins Culture,” said junior Stefano Chaves

After tests, homework and trying to get back into the swing of things it is good for the students to be able to have a time where they can let loose and be a kid again. Students will be able to revisit their elementary school days with field day games, food trucks and many other events that will occur. It will be a part of many students’ childhood with a twist of high school culture. This event, although so close, still would not be complete without the help of volunteers.

“Planning the event was truly an adventure that we were not expecting, but we had so much fun doing it,” said Chaves.

The All Star Committee went into the planning thinking that it would be a piece of cake, but slowly as the meetings took place they realized how much work would have to go into the planning. The committee took time to visit the restaurants that were sponsoring them and worked with organizations in the school in order to make sure the event would be the best it could be for the Tompkins community.

“There are so many ways for anyone to get involved,” said Chaves.

The committee has so many opportunities for students to get involved with this event. They are looking for students who want NHS hours to volunteer. This event will allow students to help within the Tompkins community as well as have fun and enjoy the day. Outside of this event, the committee has many sports games coming up in the next few months that will allow students to both volunteer and participate.

“The goal of the committee is to help better unify the school and strengthen our school’s culture,” said Chaves.

The event will take place on the football field similar to field days that took place in elementary schools and is open to all Tompkins students.

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