Students and Teachers share their New Year’s Resolutions

Sydney Jackson, Staff Writer

For some 4,000 years now, new year’s resolutions have been a part of traditions. Starting with the Babylonias making promises to their gods for the next year, to now people across the globe creating goals for the upcoming year.

Like previous years, most people have goals for school, like better grades or maintaining their good grades from this year. Freshman Tanvi Bhattad said that she wants to be more productive and not procrastinate as much in school. Sophomore Eniola Mombolade said that she wants to read more books and get better grades for the upcoming semester.

Self care was very prevalent this year. For many, like freshman Rida Abbas and sophomore Lexi Beidle, keeping a positive mindset and attitude was a goal for them. Some had more serious self care resolutions. Junior Juliette Hernandez was inspired by the podcasts that she listened to this year and wants to take care of herself more in the upcoming year. Senior Vanessa Lingenfelter wants to be more assertive and advocate for herself more.

Health was also said a lot this year. Spanish teacher Maria Clark said that she wants to lose weight, sleep more, and do something fun each weekend. Senior McKenna Hayden wants to get better at waking up early in the morning.

But many also are not so confident in completing their new year’s resolutions. Senior Sydney Ramsamooj said she wants to maintain her straight A’s, but she does not like setting new year’s resolutions for herself because if she ends up not doing them it is pointless for her. Social studies teacher Courtney Carreathers, said she wanted to cook more next year, but knows she probably won’t follow through with it.

With a mix of self care, school, positive mindsets, health and more, there are a mix of new year’s resolutions for next year. With enough effort and care, even people who do not care for new year’s resolutions, anyone can reach their goals.

Freshman Tanvi Bhattad

Freshman Rida Abbas

Senior McKenna Hayden

Junior Juliette Hernandez