Home Alone With a Twist


Gabriela Carpio , Staff Writer

In the spirit of the holiday season, Christmas movies are something so joyful to enjoy. The streaming service, Disney+ released on Nov. 12, 2021 a reboot of Home Alone, originally released back in 1990 directed by Chris Columbus and written by John Hughes, called Home Sweet Home Alone.

            Home Sweet Home Alone was directed by Dan Mazer and the film included actors such as Archie Yates, Devin Ratray, and Katie Beth Hall. The movie was produced by Hutch Parker and Dan Wilson.

The movie begins with a house trying to be sold by a married couple, Jeff MacKenzie and Pam Mackennzie. The film soon switches to Max Mercer, who is in the car with his mother, Carol Mercer, as he explains how he needs to go to the bathroom. His mother then parks outside Jeff MacKenzie and Pam Mackennzie’s home and acts as if they are trying to buy the home.

Max’s family is all getting ready to go on a big Christmas vacation and forgets Max. Max then later realizes that he is home alone and his parents had left him there by himself as they continue their vacation in Tokyo, Japan, with Max enjoying the time of his life, at home, eating candy and having fun.

Later in the film Jeff MacKenzie and Pam Mackennzie believe a valuable item of theirs has been stolen which they believe was Max, so they try to steal it back. Max sees the couple trying to get into his house and he has to defend and protect his home with incredible traps and tricks he creates himself to defend.

The movie involves a lot of action which is entertaining to watch, more specifically when the audience sees Max playing tricks on the married couple. Those scenes keep the audience engaged and entertained and they add comedy to the film.

With the sort of general formula of the original Home Alone movie, the reboot, Home   Sweet Home Alone, does an amazing job at creating a comedic film full of action.