Guide to 2021 finals “What to Expect”

Kendall Berry, Staff Writer

Sigh, exams are here, meaning the first school semester is finally coming to an end. With that being said, students are needing to put in extra effort and work to get the exemptions that they want. In order for students to achieve something they likely would not do by themselves, requirements are needed to be placed for exemptions, so students do not slack off the entire semester, just to not take the final exam. A few changes have been made around the school to help improve the aspect of final exams for high school students.

Changes that occurred in the Fall 2021 exemption list are simple changes but definitely very paramount as it will change the overlook for final exams in High School. One change that happened is the new “80” grade in place of the old “70”, which granted you a free exemption as long as a student is passing the class and have no disciplinary actions on their record. This is probably the biggest and spotlighted changed that occurred. Students will now have to work a lot harder to maintain a B for their average for all their classes depending on what they want to exempt. This will help students try harder since maintaining a B is a lot more challenging than maintaining a C and pushes students to help themselves achieve good grades since exemptions is every high school students asset.

An additional change that has took place due to exemptions is the new tardy/absence rule which is vital and plays a huge role towards the end of the semester for both terms. Students not showing up to school at all will not count against them, with everything going on with the viruses. However if a student has four or more tardies in a class, they cannot exempt that class. If a student has eight or more tardies in a class, they cannot exempt any class.

Besides those two important changes, the school still follows the requirements and guidelines like previously before. Freshmen will only be allowed to exempt one class, both different classes for each semester. Sophomores will be allowed two exemptions, juniors will be allowed three, and seniors will be allowed to exempt all classes for both semesters if they choose.

These changes in the school are extremely significant when it comes to students hoping to exempt the class they want. Now for the first time ever, students can now control what class they would like to exempt as long as they maintain a B and get to class on time. There should be zero tolerance or excuses if students do not receive the exemption they want for finals. Hopefully students will take advantage of this opportunity and make this new change reality and last forever.