Ways to Decorate this Holiday Season

Mahee Bhatt (2021-2022), Co Editor-in-Chief

    As December has crept up, this means that the festivities are right around the corner. A part of the holiday that can be enjoyed by everyone are the colorful decorations that light up the community during this month. Here are some ideas to decorate in order to get in the holiday mood. 

Decorate the Table: An easy way to bring the holiday aura into the house is to redecorate the dining table for the season. Changing the tablecloth, floral arrangement, and centerpiece into the classic red, green, or gold colors would instantly bring the holiday cheer into the home. 

Put up Creative Wreaths: When it comes to Christmas decorations, outdoor holiday decorations are just as important as the ones people hang up inside. Wreaths can be made at home or bought at any stores that sell decorations. Christmas wreaths are a classic and easy way to instantly up the ante when it comes to your Holiday trimmings. 

Put Mugs on Display: Holiday mugs are great to drink hot chocolate out of, but they can also be used for some extra kitchen decor. Putting these mugs on a display table or simply on the dining table can add a simple touch to the house decor. 

Buy Christmas Candles: Whether one wants their home to smell like a Christmas tree, freshly baked gingerbread, or a crackling fire, the best holiday candles will turn your home into a festive holiday oasis. The best Christmas candles will make a home feel bright and cheery with scents like evergreen, cinnamon, and cranberry. Many of these scents can be found at Bath and Body Works, where they are currently selling their best holiday candles now. 

Change your Sheets: To add to the house decor, bedrooms can also be given the Christmas touch. Adding holiday cheer to a bedroom can be as simple as changing the sheets. Sheets can be changed to a plaid red and green color or white and gold to give a more royal look. 

Mini Christmas Trees: In addition to the big Christmas tree, placing small Christmas trees in bedrooms can add to the holiday cheer. The lights on the mini tree will create a beautiful aura in the room. Mini Christmas trees can be found at Target or Walmart at relatively low prices which can come to great use.

Use Themed Wrapping Paper: There is something about a pile of presents under the tree that catches the eye—no matter how they are wrapped. But when gifts look like something straight out of a storybook, it instantly adds to the Christmas magic. To make the tree aesthetically pleasing, a color theme for wrapping paper can do just that.