Visit “Germany” for a day


Matias Simionato , Staff Writer

The smell of lye dough baking fills the air as the visiting students make some pretzels down the hall. The chatter of the marketplace can be heard as the soccer players come back inside to cool off and regain energy. As they enter, the sound of wood hitting wood is heard as a game of viking chess is being played. All of these sensory experiences combine perfectly to create the feeling of German culture, being held in a single school.

German Immersion Day is a day that celebrates German culture and leads to more appreciation for the German language. The day includes German traditions that are more commonplace in Germany, such as pretzels and soccer. With this, the students who participate in the day are able to experience what it is like to live in Germany for a day. German teacher Heinz Schmidt, who is the leader of German Honor Society, was in charge of hosting German Immersion Day.

“German Immersion Day is a day for German Students, organized by German teachers, to do different activities of German life,” said Schmidt.

The day took place on Nov. 13 and multiple German traditional events were held. Multiple schools came such as Cinco Ranch, Katy and even British International School of Houston.

“German Immersion Day aims to allow the students to experience German culture, such as mum and pop stores like those found in Germany, soccer and fun games usually played by German people,” said Schmidt.

Students like senior Matthew Keller, sophomore Landon Zieschang and senior Aiden Sharma participated in the events and activities.

“My favorite activity was Viking Chess, where you throw a stick at wooden blocks,” said Keller, who is in German 3.

Viking Chess was quite popular with everybody as many people included it as their favorite activity.

“Viking Chess was fun, we just wanted to make some wooden blocks tumble down by throwing sticks at them and I think that is just the greatest feeling in the world,” said Sharma, who is in German 3.

Others enjoyed some simpler activities, such as Zieschang.

“I liked playing soccer, or as we say it in German fußball, with my friends,” said Zieschang who is in German 2.

German immersion day is highly anticipated by everyone and is a once a year event, allowing all German students to experience the life of Germany, at least for a day.