Deliver Gratefulness for Turkey Day

Kendall Berry, Staff Writer

It’s about that time for friends and family as Thanksgiving is finally approaching soon. The meaning behind Thanksgiving is to give back thanks and gratitude in order to acknowledge a divine act of kindness. A large amount of people around the country celebrate this holiday and show their gratitude and celebrate differently than others. Many do food drives, donate clothes to the less fortunate, and celebrate by giving thanks to their family and friends.

Tompkins High School shows their gratitude and ways of celebrating Thanksgiving by doing their own drives. One of the many drives they are offering is the upcoming pajama drive, it is an organizational drive arranged by senior Abby Ward in NHS. The sense of this is to donate one pair of pajamas and NHS members will receive one hour of service, a win-win for both sides.

“If you buy one pair of new pajamas you can receive one hour of service and you can donate your pajamas down in room 1632,” said Ward. This is a great way for any NHS member to receive hours and credit, with this year breezing by.

Another charity event being held here at Tompkins is “Clothed by Faith” and it is used to provide clothing to those in need. Clothed by Faith served 4,172 individuals through 239 different schools in over 15 districts, all in the Houston area. Katy ISD served 90 individuals through 16 different schools.

“Clothed by Faith’s mission is to provide gently used clothing to those in need,” said Senior Deba Osague.

Clothes are a much needed necessity when donating, because when it comes to the holiday season the weather gets exceptionally chilly and cold and can help protect anyone from any certain cold injuries such as frostbite during the winter. If interested more information is on the website at

If willing to contribute to the community, Sewa Diwali is a food drive developed by many nationwide organizations that is a very prominent act of service in the country. Companies, Universities, neighborhoods, and even schools are participating in this drive. Student Rishi Vadega, an NHS member, has been connecting with many student organizations to promote and spread awareness about the food drive.

“Just last year, the Houston community collected 10,000 pounds of which 1000+ came from the Katy area,” said Vadega.

The significance of this drive is to donate vegetarian and non food items, such as backpacks and supplies. This benefit takes place from Oct. 5 to Nov. 21.

The reasoning behind this is to show that you stand out and made a difference in your community when it could’ve been easy to just pass on this opportunity. “You can also have some peace in mind that you made a difference and you show people you care for the American community,” said Vadega. In addition the Houston food bank and other organizations are coordinating to this food drive in order to get it out there quickly. If any curiosity roams, there are multiple rooms in the school where drop off locations are at to donate.

Ways people celebrate their Thanksgiving now is not just eating food on the last Thursday of November, or watching the parade, but instead to show their appreciation and gratefulness of family members, friends, and their community. The whole purpose for the “Drives for Thanksgiving” is to indicate that Thanksgiving has more than just one meaning. It is a valuable holiday in our life and without it, there would be no desire or ambition for this national holiday. These simple drives are very significant and excessively valuable for people who are less fortunate. This purpose drives out the importance and real meaning of Thanksgiving for our community and nation.