Football Boys Aim For State


Tristan Beach (2021-2022), Staff Writer

Strength and determination are what pushes those through the toughest times. Although the team has many games ahead of them, it does not worry them. If they stick to their strategy of taking on the challenge week by week, day by day, game by game, they will reach state.

“We have a lot of opportunities in  the foreseeable future, but our main goal is to get to state,” said senior Bryce Shaink.

Coupling the team’s morale and optimism, they hope to make it to state. To do that, the team takes a new route to victory: progressing through defeating each team individually, making sure to not live past the present day. They want to be in the moment to efficiently use their contained energy.

“Playoffs are about to start and the goal is to get to state, but we take it week by week, and focus on one team at a time,” said senior Collin Marshall.

Stating goals verbally is much easier than acting them out physically. The team has acknowledged this fact, which is why their determination has reached all new levels. With their new fixation, the team tunnels their energy on training hard and preparing for the playoffs. The boys run offense and defence drills to become entirely familiar with their positions and plays.

“We lift two times per week, around an hour and a half to two hours and a half per day,” said  Shaink.

The grueling training has not diminished the team’s morale, however. Each and every player holds nothing but optimism for the future and the potential opportunities that lay ahead. This is what drives the boys to enter the weight room and continue to build muscle and strength. No day is left to waste. Each day is treated as if it holds unlimited opportunities.

“We’ve worked all year to get where we want to go. We know it’s going to take all the focus and preparation but if we focus on our level of training and will make the best out of our opportunities,” said Marshall.

In their first playoff game of the year, Tompkins defeated Fort Bend Travis, 49 to 21. The team is hoping for a similar or greater victory against Jersey Village on Friday, the 19th at Ken Pridgeon Stadium.