Dance in the Spotlight


Shriya Rajagopalan, Staff Writer

Excited to shine and dance on stage while the lights glare on them with the image of  the audience staring in the darkness, the dancers try hard to work together as a team. Seeing how the effort they put in now turns out on stage motivates the dancers to memorize their choreo for the Fall show. The Dance Fall show is a performance where all dancers can learn an enjoyable dance and present it with a team. The dancers in the Fall show continuously work towards making their dance the best it can be.

Fresham Jillian Wibner, a Crimson Pride Dance team member, likes to see the dedication everyone puts into the show  and to see the outcome of it. Wibner feels confident in the work she puts in as an individual because of how much she practices the dance to help her memorize it.

“I think everyone on the dance team is working really hard and putting in a lot of effort to make the Fall Show a great show,” said Wibner.

Wibner thinks that preparation is helping them get ready to succeed in the Fall Show and feels comfortable with the pace of how they were learning the choreography. Sophomore Isabella Munoz is in the Dance 1 category. This is her first year taking dance and being a part of the Fall show.  She loves dancing and being part of a dance where she can be herself and express who she is.

“I feel like we are very prepared and the teachers are doing an amazing job at helping us learn the dance,” said Munoz. “ We are putting in a lot of effort and hard work into this dance to do the best we can.”

As Munoz described, Dance 1  works hard to perform their dance in the Fall Show. They work together as a team and push each other to get better for the show. Munoz feels that the teachers are being extremely encouraging towards the dance team. Taught by Rosey Fortenberry and Shaena Reinhart, the Fall Show took place in the PAC at 7pm on Nov. 15.

“I think the fall show is exciting because we get to perform a dance we learned for our parents and have fun with it at the same time,” said Munoz