How Boys Cross Country Prepared to Take on State


Vaishnavi Bhat (2021-2022), Print Editor in Chief

On the 25th of October, the boys cross country team qualified to participate in the UIL state meet, making this their 6th consecutive year heading to state. After reigning victorious at the Region Cross Country Meet, the boys began working towards putting their best foot forward at State. Senior, varsity member Noah Howard believes that the team has grown a lot this year, and were able to showcase their hard work and skill on the track.

“Some of our team’s strengths this year are that our mentality in races is a lot stronger than it was last year,” said Howard. “This helped us push harder during our races.”

During the days leading up to the State meet, the varsity members focused on maintaining good health: getting the right amount of sleep as well as having a healthy intake of nutrition. With guidance from head coach Walter Yarrow, the boys’ trained both their body and mind, and concentrated on their goal of displaying everything that they have worked for this season.

“In preparation for state, our daily consisted of meeting at 5:30 am everyday for a 1-2 hour long workout,” said Howard. “After that, we worked on getting the calories back in us to maintain our body.”

One of the biggest elements of a sports team is it’s cooperation, and the boys’ cross country team consists of many experienced members, as well as some freshmen who are new to the team. The boys exhibit their teamwork by constantly supporting and motivating each other to put in their best effort in every run. All the members are very driven and committed to their sport, and fight hard to do their best in workouts and races.

“One of our biggest competitions this year was Atascocita High School,” said Howard. “We’ve been neck and neck with them throughout the entire season.”

The State meet took place on the 6th of November at Round Rock, where they competed against over a hundred other runners. The boys achieved an average race time of 16:31 minutes across all their races, and successfully placed 12th overall.