The Theatre Fall Showcase Makes a Memorable Touch

Gabriela Carpio , Staff Writer

Throughout the school year, the Theatre Company has held numerous events. On Nov. 5 and 6 at 7 pm, the Theatre Company held the Fall Showcase, where students performed pieces they have been working on during their theatre class and where students also performed their acts that they performed at the Texas Thespian Festival on Nov. 18 to the 20 at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center.

A few students performed scenes they worked on in their theatre classes and performed them during the showcase to show how hard the actors have been working. A few of the performances will include duet scenes and group scenes. The point of the showcase is to show the audience how much work students have been doing during theatre. The showcase itself will be split into two days, Friday and Saturday, where each day is something different. Both days were not the same performances so the audience was able to see different people showing their work both nights.

”In that moment of the showcase, I realized that my stuff definitely needed work,” said junior Gannon Lara, who presented a model Lara created of the plays The Tempest by William Shakespeare and Chemical Imbalance, a Jekyll and Hyde Play.

Students faced challenges along the way when working on their performance for both the showcase and the festival.

“A challenge with our performance was finding the right notes to sing and finding the right motivation for our characters for every movement we had in our choreography,” said sophomore Katelyn Bellows, who performed a musical group scene to the song Welcome to the Rock from the musical Come from Away.

Students who travelled to Dallas to perform at the Texas Thespian Festival at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center showed their work for the convention. Students performed their acts that they  took to Dallas and showed the audience during the showcase to see their progress and experience their work in front of an audience before performing at the Thespian Festival.

More information about the Fall Showcase and the individual acts are available on the website.