Sing a Praise for Orchestra

Shriya Rajagopalan, Staff Writer

The sound of the instruments playing filled the room. The violins shimmered in the glistening light as the students rallied up to get ready for the big concert. Waiting for the big moment, the sounds of chatter increased. The Fall Concert took place on Oct.5, to celebrate the beginning of fall. Participating in the first show were Camerata, Lyrica, and Sinfonietta. In the second concert were Philharmonia, Cambiata, Sinfonia.

Working hard to be a part of the Orchestra, sophomore Claudia King, explains how the Concert went. She describes the ups and downs of what happened during the concert. King loves to be part of an activity where she can surround herself with people that have a common interest with her. King enjoys meeting new people in the Orchestra and making new friends. She uses Orchestra as an opportunity to help her and views it as a chance to be part of something bigger. With being a part of the Camerata, King knows that she has to practice frequently to succeed.

“As a whole I think the orchestra played really well and upheld the standards of the Tompkins Orchestra Program,” said King.

King thinks that as a whole the orchestra played well together.  She thinks that the work that each individual put in paid off at the concert. But, she gives some advice as to how they can get better and work cooperatively with each other.

“One thing the orchestra can improve upon is watching the conductors so the players can cut off and stay together as a whole better,” said King

While King pointed out something the whole orchestra can improve upon, she also talked about something she can polish after the concert.One thing she can improve on is playing vibrato. Another part King said she can improve on the counting rests to stay with her section better.

“After the concert I felt relieved. Performing can be nerve wrecking in general but when it’s your first time performing with a new group in front of an audience can be even scarier,” said King.

King said she prepared for the concert to the best of her ability by practicing constantly and paying attention to her mistakes. She builds upon her knowledge to get better being part of the orchestra. The next Orchestra concert will be held on Oct. 28 in the PAC.