Redrum Fear Park for a Terrifying October

Redrum Fear Park for a Terrifying October

Gabriela Carpio , Staff Writer

With Halloween on its way, haunted houses are a fun idea where people can go and enjoy time with friends and family. It’s a time full of adrenaline while being surrounded by things to scare others and help get in the Halloween spirit.

A place to visit for a bit of horror during October is Redrum Fear Park. Redrum is in Richmond, Texas, and has four main attractions.

Twisted Circus

Twisted Circus consists of a rotting, decaying circus where crazy animal-like clowns are going insane. The colors are bright and neon to contribute to the circus theme and all the walls have been sprayed with designs which consist of Pennywise from IT, skulls, and other art pieces with spray paint. The actors play clowns and tell a story, entertaining people entering with terror and storytelling, showing the audience the story of what made these clowns go insane.


Cinegore is based on different horror stories and movies where actors dress up as characters from different horror movies and scare people. The idea of Cinegore is as if people are walking into a movie theatre where scary movie characters have come to life to haunt the theatre. Cinegore contains iconic characters like Pennywise, Freddy Krueger, Samara Morgan and many others. The actors act as if the audience are their new victims to scare.

Deadwood Asylum

Deadwood Asylum is a haunted Asylum full of patients who are screaming hysterically and different health professions like doctors, dentists, anthropologists, etc. who interact with the audience to terrify them. The audience sees the “experiments” the patients go through and see them getting tortured. The actors collaborate on the idea of the Asylum by the patients begging for help and the health professionals threatening to “treat” them.

Lazer Fury

Lazer Fury is an interactive attraction where people are split into two teams to play laser tag. Everything is themed around a post- apocalyptic society and everyone is trying to survive. Actors become War Boyz trying to scare the audience as they try to win the laser tag game. It becomes fast- paced and chaotic.

Redrum Fear Park itself is dark with little light source of mainly red lighting. There are seats and food trucks and merchandise for people. Meanwhile, actors are running around the park, trying to scare audiences as they eat, walk around, talk to others, etc. Redrum also has concerts and plays loud music to keep the audience entertained at all times.