Learning Walks and What to Expect


Matias Simionato , Staff Writer

Shetye Cypher walks towards the rotunda as she gets her notebook and pens ready. She is on her conference period and is going to a Learning Walk she arranged. She heard how Anne Fazzini teaches English from her students and wants to see for herself how she does it. She meets up with the counselor and begins the learning walk, ready to learn what tricks Fazzini uses to keep her students interested in English.

“Learning Walks are a walk with a group of teachers to go to certain other teacher’s classrooms to see their teaching methods. For example if they hear about a way that another teacher is doing to teach a certain subject, they can attend a Learning Walk to see how the teacher does their teaching.” said Yolanda Clarke, English Instructional Coach.

Teachers can go out and look at different classrooms to learn teachers’ styles of teaching. With this they are able to adjust their teaching styles and give their students a more enjoyable and educational experience.

“They are publicly announced for all teachers once or twice a semester. So it is quite a small time to get them to see more teachers.” said Clarke.

I was fortunate enough to go on a learning walk alongside the teachers. The learning walk was fun and allowed me to see how certain teachers teach their students, such as how Stephanie Chronister gets in depth and involved with her students during Serial Killer Friday. It was an interesting experience that I suggest teachers try.

“Teachers can arrange to have a private walk, however that would take some time to take place and would be more intrusive to other teachers. So while it is available for private out of time observations, it is preferred to allow teachers to be able to do it during the official times,” said Clarke.