No Time To Die, Smash-Hit Film


Kendall Berry, Staff Writer

Action, weapons, explosions, it is everything an action movie fan would want to see when watching a 007 movie. No Time to Die checks off almost every box for an action film, filled with plenty of action scenes, funny moments and surprising deaths. With Daniel Craig returning for his last movie as James Bond, the film was very passable and adequate, but was also different compared to his other ones in the past years.

The movie opens up with Bond’s partner Madeleine Swann, played by Lea Seydoux, from the previous movie as a young child. It quickly shifts to a masked man jumpscaring Madeleine trying to wake up her mother as he pops up out of nowhere and appears outside a window. This quick awakening is exactly what the 007 movies are all about and it continues to get suspenseful, as tragedy strikes five to ten minutes into the film, we have our first death. Now about 15-20 years later Madeleine is now grown up with her menacing partner to the side of her.

The fast start to the movie is quickly interrupted by a slow transition into staging Bond’s new retirement lifestyle, but quickly picks right back up as he’s targeted by a dangerous group. Now we get to see the true action of 007 as the movement kicks back up again. Bond is on a run against SPECTRE, a terrorist group he ran into in the last film that has no sympathy for destroying the entire world.

As a surprise to everyone he returns back to the spy agency that he left in the previous film, after a talk with his old CIA friend to help take down the wrongdoer, in this case the masked man from earlier; Safin, played by Rami Malek. Now five years later and Bond is back to where he originally was without his partner but in order to take down SPECTRE, he needs to assemble somewhat of a team. Paloma, played by Ana De Armas, is the first person seen on Bond’s journey to take down SPECTRE. Her role was simple, but very complex, to make sure that Bond got out of a dealing with SPECTRE alive and with evidence to SPECTRE’s true plans.

Skipping to the actual scenes where havoc is being wrecked, it is time for Bond to show who he really is. Making his own entrance to the island, Madeline, her daughter and where the entirety of SPECTRE was at, was one of the simplest yet breathtaking entrance in the entire film. That entrance led to straight chaos after it occurred. Bodies dropping, explosions, and even a surprising twist the audience didn’t see coming was all part of the conclusion of this film. Throughout the entire movie it was full of twists and turns. It was not a Titanic or Avatar sort of film, but indeed a straightforward movie that was pretty easy to grasp onto.

The film had great acting and overall a very comprehensive plot that hooks the audience in immediately into the film. Daniel Craig played a huge and critical role in this film and made it not only entertaining but enjoyable while doing unusual human acts. Especially with questions still being asked about the next 007 agent, Craig was vital in this movie series, and in a lot of opinions the best James Bond from a lot of movie fans.

Plenty of action and excitement in the film, this movie was definitely unlike  the past 007 movies. A 2 hour and 40 minute film is certainly different and longer than any others, but was very brisk and steady on the scenes that were not actually boring. Billie Eillish wrote the song in the beginning of the movie, No Time To Die. It won a Grammy Award for best song written for visual media.

No Time to Die was arguably a great film, but had plenty of scenes that could’ve gone without going in the movie and other scenes viewers were expecting to go in but did not. The idea of this movie was to show that not only is it his last film, but it teaches everyone a valuable lesson. “Life goes on with or without you”, and anybody can be here today and not tomorrow. Do not hold grudges against loved ones because grief will hit the most when death arrives, so there really is no time to die.