Podcast Preoccupation: Essential Podcasts to Listen to

Vanessa Lingenfelter (2021-2022), Co-Managing Editor

Podcasting has blown up as a medium of entertainment, but finding a podcast that fits each individual taste is not always easy. Fortunately the newfound popularity of podcasting has created a podcast for virtually everything and everyone, from subjects as general as sports and politics, to subjects as niche as stationary and theme parks. It is easy to be intimidated by the mass of content out there, but through trial and error anybody can find their podcast match made in heaven. If someone is having trouble with where to start, here is a diverse list of entertaining podcasts.


  1. My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgagariff and Georgia Hardstark

True crime has been a fascination for a while now, and has seen a resurgence in young people, largely because of the abundance of Netflix documentaries on famous serial killers. “My Favorite Murder” combines true crime combined with a tasteful amount of humor. The hosts are naturally entertaining and charismatic, and accomplish the difficult feat of infusing comedy with such serious subjects without being disrespectful towards the victims.


  1. My Brother, My Brother, and Me

MBMBaM is another comedy podcast, but this time with a focus on giving advice. It is hosted by brothers Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy, who answer questions submitted by their audience or questions they’ve found through sites like Quora and wikiHow. Each question is answered comedically, usually prompting hilarious long form discussion. My personal favorite aspect of it is the fresh and relevant feel of the humor, it never sounds outdated and is easily appealing to a Gen-Z audience.


  1. Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

As a history lover, it is believed that history gets a bad rep, especially among students who are used to dull lectures and wordy textbooks. Fortunately, Carlin’s podcast is not your typical high school history course. “Hardcore History” is unique as far as podcasts go since it has no guests. But what it lacks in guests it makes up for with Carlin’s incredible storytelling. He has the unique ability to make real life events sound as entertaining as a novel. Although Carlin prefaces his podcasts by reminding his listeners that he is not a historian and is speaking as a fan of history, he nevertheless researches with a surgical precision and is generally accurate. “Hardcore History” brings history to life and paints a picture that is easy to imagine as real, rather than something you read about in a textbook once and forgot after the test.


  1. Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby! A Greek and Roman Mythology Podcast

If anyone had a Percy Jackson phase in elementary school, this one’s for them. In a similar vain as “Hardcore History,” this podcast involves lively storytelling, this time of the entertaining and sometimes outrageous escapades of Greek and Roman mythology. Host Liv Albert has a modern, witty, and hilariously sarcastic sense of humor. The stories are easily accessible, casual, and educational all at once, overall I would consider it a perfect introduction to anybody just getting into the world of podcasts.


  1. You’re Wrong About

“You’re Wrong About,” hosted by journalists Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall, is an America-centric pop culture podcast dedicated to diving into media topics that have been widely misrepresented. They take an in depth look at misunderstood stories, exploring the truth of the event and why people got it so wrong in the first place. Although they cover very serious topics, the tone of the show is conversational and easy to follow without any trace of condescension towards the audience. Some of the topics covered include the O.J. Simpson Trial, the Satanic Panic, the McDonald’s hot coffee case, and more. It’s best described as enlightening, entertaining, and fueled by the host’s genuine passion for the truth.