Tompkins Theatre Company shows a Double Billing


Brianna Plake (2021-2022), Social Media Manager


As the audience arrives, the cast of The Tempest is on stage doing improv to get the audience more excited about the show they will be watching. In the meantime, the cast of Chemical Imbalance is frantically preparing for their performance that will occur right after intermission.

 The Tempest begins, the lights come up and the setting is a ship. The Shakespeare story took the audience on a 45 minute interactive adventure through love, magic and even scary moments. What is usually a two and a half hour show was cut down to 45 minutes, but it was still easy to follow along and understand. The cast and crew made it a very immersive experience as they welcomed the quest in character and walked in and out of the black box seating throughout the show. This show was not  just a play, it was an experience.

After a brief 10 minute intermission, it was time for Chemical Imbalance. A comedic Jekyll and Hyde show where some characters were forced to play almost two different people. The main character, Jekyll, was a doctor who was trying to make a potion in order to give people two separate personalities. As he journeys through the process he confuses his family, hurts his friends, loses a prospective wife and lies the entire time. This show follows his journey through a comedic style play that had the audience laughing the entire time.

This cast and crew took two very different shows and put it into one double billing that was inclusive for the audience and drew them into the show. For $15  this show was definitely worth it giving the audience two shows for the price of one.