Chandak’s Life as a Busy Student


Vaishnavi Bhat (2021-2022), Editor-in-Chief

Students have many interests and passions, and it can be hard to allot time to all of them. Managing academics, responsibilities, social life and self care altogether can sometimes become hectic. Senior Bhavika Chandak has learned how to perfectly balance her commitments while maintaining a positive attitude and mental health.

“Some of my responsibilities include working two jobs, taking private violin lessons for orchestra, preparing speeches at debate practices, and participating in an independent guard,” said Chandak. “I usually have homework to work on as well, and this year I’ve also had to focus on college applications.”

Having to work everyday after school, and devote 22 hours of her weekend to participate in a private guard team, Chandak has learned that scheduling is incredibly important in order to stay organized and be mindful of all her duties. She currently has her schedule planned out till April of the following year, and believes that having a busy schedule is engaging and enjoyable.

“Somebody once told me that if you don’t go to bed exhausted, it’s a day wasted,” said Chandak. “I feel as though I am happiest when I am doing many things, especially those that I truly enjoy”

Although it can become extremely tiring at times, Chandak likes to reward herself and take much-needed breaks from time to time. She enjoys reading, listening to music and is currently hooked on a Turkish TV show. There are so many opportunities in the world, and most students today are lucky enough to be able to choose what they want to pursue. Chandak believes that everyone should prioritize what they want to explore, make time for what they like, and live with their choices.

“It is important to follow through and finish anything you commit to,” said Chandak. “Pressure is a privilege, and only a few get through successfully. With the right support and self discipline, you can do anything and everything that makes you happy.”