Choir Hosts the Masked Falcon

Mahee Bhatt (2021-2022), Editor-in-Chief

    The students arrive after school to rehearse their own performances for the Masked Falcon. They must perfect their performances as they want the audience to enjoy each of them. They diligently work together on each individual performance and how they will bring that together to create an entire show.

    “The best part about the show is seeing each person/group perform the production that they put together,” said junior Brooke Brummett.

    The Masked Falcon will consist of many performances put together as there will be solos and group performances both. The performers will be wearing masks to hide their faces throughout their singing which will represent their own persona that they will reveal through their singing. Their masks will have to relate with their own act as they picked it based on their songs. 

    “Each group/person is really motivated to do well as there is a poll at the end where the audience will pick on a performance,” said Brummett.

    At the end of the show, the audience will have a say on the performances and will get to vote on their favorite one. This has really encouraged the choir performers to create flawless performances as they all wish to win. Additionally, the audience also gets to vote on who they think is under each mask judging upon their voices and personas. It has taken the choir awhile to prepare their songs and they are continuing to do so.

    “The choir program has been preparing for this for almost over a month and it has been really fun,” said Brummett.

    The choir has this show every year, so each singer knows to compose their show beforehand. They have been practicing for almost a month and have a couple more weeks to keep preparing. The show will take place on Saturday, Oct. 23 and tickets will be available at the door, but the choir will also sell tickets the week before.

    “Be sure to get tickets and be ready for some guest performances,” said Brummett.