Luca Brings in Audiences

Brianna Plake (2021-2022), Social Media Manager

The movie, Luca, can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It has a bright and colorful plot, along
with bright visual images throughout the entirety of the animation.
The movie takes place in a small town in Italy where Luca, a sea monster who on land can
take human form, explores the small town with his best friend, Alberto. Before taking off on these
new heights Luca and Alberto are forbidden from going to the surface in fear of humans hunting
him. Although forbidden, Alberto convinces Luca and they set off on the adventure. After
discovering what Luca has done, his parents plan to send him to live with his uncle Ugo in the
deep sea. Out of spite, Luca and Alberto run off and travel the world. Luca’s parents then go off
to find their son.
The actor playing Luca, Jacob Tremblay made Luca come alive through his voice and
inflection that created a childlike atmosphere. The actor playing Alberto, Jack Grazer did just as
well, as they set off into adventure in the movie the fun and excitement came alive not only
through the animation but also with the character voices embodied by each amazing actor.
This movie is all about friendship and venturing out to new heights, making it the perfect
movie for any age. From toddlers to adults everyone can take away something from the movie
whether it be a lesson or a fun time watching these sea monsters venture out. The story is
based on old Italian folktales where it is able to teach the audience that everyone is a little
different, but the differences aren’t what matter.
Luca is a Disney Pixar animation that was released on Disney Plus back in June but can
still be accessed on the app or purchased through Itunes, Google Play, Vudu, and On Demand.
From all the Pixar movies throughout the years, Luca definitely hits the mark right alongside
them. It makes for a great movie night spent with family or friends to enjoy together.