Katy’s Own UNICEF


Tristan Beach (2021-2022), Staff Writer

Unfortunately, groups and communities around the world struggle to survive with the limited resources available to them. As a result, organizations have been formed to help combat these struggles. Those organizations, however, can not help everyone. Sometimes the responsibility falls onto the hands of the everyday person.

“We want to pinpoint kids in need of basic necessities and commodities,” said senior Camyrn Qawami, Tompkins UNICEF Public Relations Officer.

As expected, it is difficult for one person to make a massive difference. A group of people would be ideal. The best course of action would be to spread awareness and make sure that every student is made aware of the differences they could make if they join the organization. That is exactly what the Tompkins UNICEF decided was best for the community.

“We spread awareness on Instagram using the organization’s account and our own personal accounts,” said Qawami.

These attempts of raising awareness were not made in vain, however. The Tompkins UNICEF has contributed to several successful service projects, most notably the Operation Christmas Child and the UNICEF Sandwich Drive, which were UNICEF’s missions to give back to the community. The members made several sandwiches and wrapped a bunch of gifts for kids in need. The acts of generosity do not only impact those on the receiving end. For many, it opens themselves to another world of experiences and realizations.

“It made me realize how fortunate I was to be living in Katy,” said Qawami.

Although their work is impressive, more members would be ideal. The UNICEF asks if anyone would like to assist them in achieving their mission of giving back to those in need, consider seeking details regarding membership forms and monthly meetings in room 1027 or from their Remind (@othsunicef). Not only is assisting those in need good for the soul, but it is also good for college resumes