Appreciate the Fashion Club


Shriya Rajagopalan, Staff Writer

Being in an area where creativity is encouraged and has the capacity to unite each other by expressing their love of design, is definitely something that should be seen as extraordinary. Knowing that one does not have to fit in to feel like they belong is how being in the fashion club feels like. The uncertainty of one’s insecurities can vanish away and bring out a new side to a person. It feels easier to focus on inspiration to break out of a shell.

 Junior Nicholas Ros, president of the Fashion Club, loves designing clothes and making his ideas become reality. He enjoys being in a club that values his individuality and brings him closer to being himself.

 “I like the Fashion Club because it’s the first time I found a place where I can express ideas and talk to other people who can appreciate clothing,” said Ros.

Ros loves to sew new items and get out of his comfort zone. He is very enthusiastic about being in the Fashion Club. He loves designing and sewing pants which were also one of the first things he learned to sew.

“Pants were the first thing I learned how to make and are still my favorite pieces to make, but I also like working on bags and new ideas,” said Ros.

 Ros loves designing his new ideas and seeing the process and how his intention and objectives turn out. He was able to teach himself how to sew after buying his own first sewing machine. Ros loves to be artistic with his designs and how he makes them.

 “One of my favorite designs would probably be a pair of pants that I’m working on. It is made out of pieces of denim in the shapes of puzzle pieces,” said Ros.

His inspirations stem from some of his favorite artists like Jun Takashi, Heron Preston, and Rick Owens. He likes to find new items to sew and see how it turns out.

They have amazing activities planned out for this school year such as clothing drives, bake sales and they will host their annual fashion show in April. The goal is to create a positive atmosphere where people with similar interests can come together.  People can join the Fashion Club by clicking on the link in their Instagram bio or scanning the QR code in the hallways.