As Crimson Cavalettes Practice for Upcoming Events, Learn About their Team Captain and Team President


Sydney Jackson, Staff Writer

The walls of the gym are filled with warmth and encouragement. It feels like a safe space. This is where the Crimson Cavalettes practice. The Crimson Cavalettes are an award-winning dance team. The team is led by two well trained dancers, seniors Angie Mesa, president and Maya Pablo, captain.


“I love being a part of the Crimson Cavalettes because this team is truly my second family. I have made so many lifelong friends on this team and have grown so much as both a dancer and a person. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to be Captain this year and can’t wait to see what we accomplish in the future,” said Pablo.


For many years, dancing has been a passion for both Mesa and Pablo, Mesa actually joined the team because of her love for dance. It is no surprise with their talent and experience they not only got accepted into the Crimson Cavalettes, but also to  lead the team.


“I’ve danced for 13 years now,” said Pablo. “And I’ve been dancing for five to six years, but when I moved it was difficult to find a dance studio. So I decided to try out for the Crimson Cavalettes,” said Mesa.


Even though they have danced for many years, many of the Cavalettes dances can be intricate. As a result, memorizing dances for events can be mentally laborious. Finding a way to memorize dances is crucial.


“I memorize dances by learning small parts at a time and then adding them all together. I also listen to the music on repeat and match it to the choreography so that it is easier for me to remember,” said Pablo.


It can be nerve wracking to perform in front of a crowd of many. Besides memorizing dances, it is crucial to find a way to calm down before an event.


“Team pep talks help a lot. It’s where we circle up to pray and chant together,” said Mesa.


The Crimson Cavalettes will be having around eight different dances for the football season and eight more dancing competitions. Throughout the year, they will also be performing at pep rallies and basketball games.