GrabnGo Breakfast Ideas

Mahee Bhatt (2021-2022), Co Editor-in-Chief

With school and work starting so early in the morning, many people barely have enough time to get ready for school let alone sit to eat a nice breakfast. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, everyone should have a nutritious meal to start off the day, ensuring a boost of energy for the school/work day. Here are some breakfast ideas which could be prepared the night before or morning of and can be brought to enjoy on the way to work or enjoyed in a short sitting:

  1. Muffins

Muffins are the perfect breakfast snack to pick up on the way out of the house as it’s an individual serving, making it simple to grab and bring along in the car. Muffins also come in multiple flavors and sizes to fit anyone’s preference and craving.  Additionally, these can be found at any grocery store, bakery or they can also be made at home the night before and kept in the fridge for the following week. Muffins are the perfect breakfast when stuck in a time crunch.

  1. Freezer Breakfast Burritos

For someone who needs a filling breakfast in the morning, a freezer breakfast burrito is a fitting choice. These can be made the night before or even prepped at the beginning of the week. While making these, one can make a variety of burritos with different fillings for separate days of the week and pack them in aluminum foil and pop them in the freezer. In the morning, the only preparation needed is to microwave them and they are ready to eat. This is a great way to have a full breakfast with little to no prep time.

  1. Overnight Oats in a Jar

Overnight Oats are a nutritious breakfast which can be made the night before and enjoyed in a short sitting or brought along to work or school. There are many flavors of oats that can be made and various ingredients which can go into making these fit a wide range of preference. This is a great way to get a healthy start to the day.

  1. Smoothies

Smoothies come in a range of flavors and sizes which can be made to fit a specific taste. It can be made with yogurt, fruits, and/or vegetables and protein or nutrition powders. With adding these healthy ingredients into a smoothie, this can be a great way to pack all sorts of nutrients and vitamins into one drink.