Free Guy, Potential Blockbuster

Matias Simionato (2020-2021), Staff Writer

What happens when you mix GTA with Ryan Reynolds and ontology (The study of reality)? Well what happens is you get Free Guy, Reynold’s newest movie. The movie is adored by almost all who watch it and it has been hyped up to be one of the biggest hits of the year. With a runtime of 115 minutes it is able to tick all the boxes for a great movie.

Free Guy takes place in the fictional game of “Free City” which takes heavy inspiration from the hit game series “Grand Theft Auto,” which involves the player committing crimes such as murder, assault and, well, grand theft auto to advance their characters story and bank account. In Free City, the population is part players, who have sunglasses, and part NPC (Non-Player Characters) which are the victims of the players’ attacks and robberies.

Reynold’s character, Guy, is an NPC who works at the bank with his best friend Buddy, played by Lil Rel Howery. The bank is always being assaulted and robbed by players, which leads to humorous moments where Buddy and Guy talk during a robbery. Guy is a hopeless romantic and is constantly looking for the woman of his dreams, which just so happens to be Molotov Girl, a player, played by Jodie Comer.

In real life, we are introduced to two other characters who are extremely

important to the story. Molotov Girl, Guy’s crush, actually a computer programmer called Millie and is working to find illegally copied code from Free City’s company, Soonami, in their game. Her ex-coworker is Keys, played by Joe Keery, who now works in Soonami as a bug reporter and secretly tries to help Millie in finding if their code is inside the game.

The three heroes try to find the hidden code hidden in Free City and it leads to Guy being known as “Blue Shirt Guy” and playing as the “good” guy in a game all about doing bad things. After meeting up with Millie, they both try to recover footage that shows that Free City holds illegally taken code.

Soonami’s CEO is the villain of the story. Antoine is played by the tremendous Taika Waititi who brings an essence of craziness to his character. He uses his assets and control over Free City to try to stop Millie, Keys and Guy from finding the hidden code and leading his company to bankruptcy.

The acting was phenomenal for all actors involved, Reynolds’ acting was like most of his movies, phenomenal. He blurred the line between Guy and Ryan Reynold and did a phenomenal job in bringing laughs with his mannerisms and tones. Kerey and Comer were amazing in how they were able to play their characters, seemingly going from socially awkward nerds to heroes when the moment needed it. Waititi’s acting was on par with Reynold’s, both being phenomenal actors and directors, they matched each other’s acting in stride. Waititi played the lunatic CEO flawlessly, being able to reach both the comedic sides and the dark, serious, and malevolent sides of his character.

The flow of the movie was great, easy to follow and understand. Although the story takes place in both real life and a video game, the separation is pronounced and can be called out easily so as to not cause confusion. The clean and neat air of Free City contrasted well with the busy and often messy look of real life. The story follows a mainly direct and linear storyline, with bouncing between both worlds happening when needed.

All in all Free City was an amazing movie that does not take itself too seriously and still succeeds in bringing to life one of the greatest video game movies of all time.