Foster Trains for Collegiate Track


Rachel Bregnard, Editor in Chief

Senior David Foster positioned his left foot behind the white line and pressed his fingertips against the track. A shot fired, signaling the beginning of the race, and Foster lunged forward.

“I never feel nervous whenever I compete. Track has become such a major part of my life that sprinting is natural to me,” said Foster.

Motivated by his mother’s experiences as a collegiate athlete, Foster began running track for Tays Junior High in seventh grade. His record-breaking times for the 100 and 200 dash caught the attention of coach Walt Yarrow who offered Foster a position on the varsity track team during his sophomore year. After only a few months on the team, Foster won district, regionals and received an honorary invitation to the Junior Olympics.

During his junior and senior year Foster suffered multiple strains to his hamstrings, forcing him to lessen the intensity of his daily training. Yet, despite his injuries, he continued to compete in national and local short distance competitions.

“The first time I strained my hamstring I thought I would never compete in another track meet again. Now I manage my injuries through a mixture of scheduled breaks and stretching,” said Foster.

Last November Foster accepted a scholarship to compete for the University of California during Tompkins’ annual signing day. The school, located in Berkley, boasts an impressive athletic program as well as an wide array of distinguished colleges for Foster to choice for his intended major.

“I was honored to receive an opportunity to perform for the University of California and I’m excited to see how I’ll improve under their coaching staff,” said Foster.