The Culotta’s Bleed Maroon and Orange

The Culotta’s Bleed Maroon and Orange

Madison Isom (2020-2021), Staff Writer

Getting accepted to your dream college is something most high school seniors look forward to. When senior Maddie Culotta got her acceptance letter, she did not anticipate the uproar that her brother Andrew Culotta would bring. Maddie Culotta was accepted into A&M while her brother is a freshman attending the University of Texas.

“I have always been a diehard Aggie fan, but when my senior year came, I decided to go to the University of Texas,” said A. Culotta.

With the Culotta house covered in maroon, adding burnt orange seemed to add some spice and tension in the house. M. Culotta has always been an Aggie fan and wanted to follow in the footsteps of her parents.

“My parents are very proud of my brother and I even though they are major Aggie fans, they still love my brother and accept the burnt orange around the house,” said M. Culotta.

Culotta stated that her parents were happy for A. Culotta but were way more excited for her going to A&M. The family was a little hesitant about adding burnt orange to their maroon household, but they let down the Aggie tradition and put it up.

“I decided to go to the University of Texas, because I love the city life and a ton of my friends are going,” said A. Culotta.

Culotta fell in love with the computer science buildings that they had on campus as well as the city life. A. Culotta graduated in 2020 with the hopes of having an amazing college experience despite the family difference.