Behind the ‘Flash


Matias Simionato, Staff Writer

    The Falcon News Flash is Tompkins’ video and voice news network. Their voices playing through our morning and enrichment announcements on the overhead speakers. The videos they produce give the people working and studying at the school some help and guidance through their day. These students, Senior Benjamin Pham and Senior Jonathan Glines, just want to make news videos about recent events around the school. 

    Falcon News Flash first starts off with research. They look around the school and brainstorm ideas on what to talk about. Eventually they begin their script, and write it like if they were in a newsroom. Talking about the News and announcements while also adding in relatability. The video eventually is filmed on a green screen, and many takes are needed for the final cut. After filming takes place, editors begin editing the video. They edit the final takes and stitch the video together, after that they begin with editing the visual mistakes in the video, such as low brightness or low volume of the speakers. After that they add in the visual effects, such as filling the green screen and adding in the filters. After that they finalize the video and export it so that all the teachers can play it for their students. 

    “All the processes we take to write our script are essential to bring everyone with a funny and relatable experience in the form of a video,” said Coach Jacob Kinzbach, the teacher behind the News Flash.

The Falcon News Flash is not only working on videos, it also writes and announces the announcements on the overhead speakers. The writing of the announcements begins with a google form that the staff fill out. They write the specific script they want the announcers to say, and the speakers can alter it to sound better if need be. In the morning two announcers go to the main office to use the microphone and read the script that they have. When they are done they go back to their classes and begin work on tomorrow’s script.

“By letting the teachers come up with the announcements allows us to save time asking people for their ideas for announcements and just getting them mailed right to us, that way we can just copy and paste them right into the script.” said Coach Kinzbach.

Right now the Falcon News Flash is taking applications for next year. If you are interested in joining the News Flash then go over to Room 2254 and ask Coach Kinzbach for an application. The News Flash hopes to see you in their ranks next year. 

“We build relationships and trust with each other, and we’re always willing to get new members to help us. If you have what it takes or any questions please come over to my room.” Said Coach Kinzbach.