VillaSport Helps Students Be Fit


Alkhatab Mizyed (2020-2021), Staff Writer

   Last year VillaSport, a gym across the street, opened the week before spring break. It has attracted many types of people, body builders, athletes, teenagers, kids, and parents.

  “I come to Villa because I can play basketball, lift and train,” said Junior Omar Elchazli.  “I come here and train with my friends then we usually go somewhere to hang out or we just go home. We are on the basketball team for Tompkins it’s a necessity for us to train or else our spot would be taken,” 

   VillaSport holds many different activities for all ages. There is a daycare center where kids will have organized activities to do while their parents workout. There are swimming pools, basketball courts, cycling classes, yoga, dancing workouts, lifting weights, and Pilates. There is also a spa with a massage place.

   “Villa is a sport and athletic club, and it is like a hotel without the rooms. We have nice furniture, TV’s in the locke room with comfortable sofas, we have showers and jacuzzies in both locker rooms, and we also have saunas and steam rooms in both locker rooms,” said Johnny Smith, Manager at VillaSport.

     VillaSport does not only have dumbbells and barbells. It also has many machines and cables that you can use to do for your workout. And if lifting isn’t for you there are step machines, treadmills, ellipticals and bikes.

    “I do lift but I don’t lift heavy, my goal is just to be fit and have a nice body. I go to dancing and cycling classes, I go on the running and stepping machines, and I also go on the lifting machines, I do lift but I don’t lift heavy with dumbbells,” said sophomore Noor Mizyed, 

    Some students from Tompkins high school go to the gym after school, some go home do homework and then come to workout. Some go with their friends as workout partners, and they have a good time. Even if they are in AP classes students still come to the gym and have fun.

   “I’m in all Pre Ap classes, but I still find time for the gym, Villa became a place for me and my friends to hang out and get stronger, It’s an alpha move, we spot each other, lift together, and recommend different workouts for each other, There’s a cafeteria here so I just do my homework there and eat it helps a lot,” said sophomore Francisco Sanchez.

   Along with activities, VillaSport also has indoor and outdoor cafeterias, pools, and Jacuzzis. Both pools have basketball hoops attached to it, so that kids can play in the pool. VillaSport is place where you can grind and relax.